Oregon High School Chess Team Association

Internet League Bylaws




Adopted January 2006
The name of this organization shall be the Oregon High School Internet Chess League.
The purpose of this League shall be:
  • To connect schools throughout the state who could not otherwise become a member of a chess team league.
  • To promote chess and encourage schools to form clubs and compete.
  • To designate a league champion and prepare teams for the OHSCTA State Championship.

Membership in the League shall be granted to teams based on a majority vote of all current league advisors.

Dues may be assessed by the league to each participating team.  Advisors will determine the dues each year at the yearly organizational meeting.  Money collected by dues shall be used to purchase trophies and/or other awards at the end of the chess season, or to support other activities of the league.  All dues must be paid by the end of the second round of play.  Teams that do not pay their dues by that time are subject to penalty including forfeit of scheduled matches until the dues are paid in full.

Advisors shall meet on the 3rd Wednesday in September @ 7 pm in the Internet Chess League chat room.  Items on the agenda will include, but are not limited to:
  • Election of League Director
  • Setting the league schedule (must end at least 1 week prior to the OHSCTA Championship)
  • League fees/dues
  • Amendments of the league bylaws
  • New Business
Special meetings may be held from time to time, as the League Director deems necessary, for discussion of items that cannot wait until the next yearly organizational meeting, including for the purpose of making decisions involving discipline of individual players and/or teams.  A 2/3 majority vote of all active coaches is necessary for any disciplinary action to take effect.
The Internet League Director shall be the only officer of the league.  This position will be elected at the yearly organizational meeting.  The League Director is responsible for collecting dues, accounting for league expenditures, maintaining standings, reporting news to the advisors, moderating the League email list, submitting results to the OHSCTA webmaster and serves as liaison with the State Executive Secretary.
Three types of teams are allowed to compete: Varsity, JV (high school players or a combination of high school/middle school) and Middle School only. Only one varsity team per school is allowed.  Each player at the varsity level must be in at least the 9th grade.  All players must attend the high school they represent, be homeschooled within the school's attendance area or attend an alternative school in the same district or, if middle school, must feed into the high school they represent. 
  • Rules The Official Rules of Chess (latest USCF version) shall be followed at all times, unless otherwise stipulated.  Advisors accept the responsibility to communicate these rules to their teams.  During a match, if the advisors disagree as to the interpretation of the rules, an impartial advisor from another school will be consulted.  If an agreement cannot be reached, the League Director will make the final decision. 
  • Movement of Pieces:  On computer, there is no touch move rule.  A player may pick up pieces and move them around the board.  A move is considered started and completed when the piece is released.  Takeback offers should never be asked for or accepted.   "Mouse Slips" will not be considered a valid claim.  Even though this does occasionally happen, coaches and players have no way of knowing what is or isn't an intentional move. 
  • Winning the Game:  A game is won by the player who checkmates the opposing player, whose opponent resigns, if their opponents time expires or if their opponent fails to arrive within 15 minutes of the appointed start time, or if the opponent disconnects and does not contact the player or advisor with an explanation.
  • Draws:  A game is drawn if: Both players agree, if the computer server determines that insufficient material exists, the 50 move rule is claimed and verified or if a player claims threefold repetition and the server validates this claim.  The offer or claim of a draw may be made at any time, however, it is considered poor sportsmanship to repeatedly claim or offer a draw.
  • Outside Assistance:  Players are prohibited from receiving any assistance such as, but not limited to:  Using a separate board to analyze moves, using a computer to calculate moves, looking up positions in a database of games, referring to printed material, receiving advice from others.  Such actions will result in penalties and may result in expulsion from the league.
  • Ratings:  All games will be played as "rated" games.  Players will receive a rating as they play each tournament game.  They are encouraged to play on FICS at other times as well, in order to create an established rating. 
  • Lineup:  A list of all players, with their FICS handle must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the first match.  Substitutions may be made, but boards must be in order by strength. 
  • Pairing:  Teams will be paired in a round robin with every team playing every other team, one time only, during the chess season.
  • Results:  Results must be reported to the League Director at the end of each round by both advisors.  Failure to submit a result may result in a forfeited round.
  • Etiquette:  Players are expected to hold a high standard of etiquette and must treat their opponents with respect.  If a player has difficulty with their opponent, they must notify their advisor immediately.  Advisors will communicate via the chat room to resolve the issue and, if necessary, may include an objective third party to arbitrate.
  • Matches:  All League matches will take place on the same day and time.  If matches need to be rescheduled, both teams must agree on the best day and time.  The League Director has the right to declare matches forfeit if teams do not appear or do not give adequate notice or reason in a timely manner or if teams do not make up missed matches in a timely manner.
  • Teams: A team shall consist of five players.  Each school may have up to 3 teams of any combination (varsity, JV or Middle School).  The best player of each team shall be placed on board one with second best on board two, etc.  Intentionally misplacing players is considered stacking.  Teams who do so, place their continued membership in the Internet League in jeapardy.  Teams may compete with fewer than five members, but must fill boards one, two, three and four first, forfeiting any unoccupied boards.  Boards uncontested by both teams shall not be counted towards a team score.  If a player is expected, but does not arrive within 15 minutes of the appointed start time, all players must move up and the last board will be a forfeit.
  • Connecting:  24 hours before the first match is to take place, advisors must register all players and FICS ID's via the Internet Chess League web page.  15  minutes prior to the beginning of the match, all advisors must sign on to FICS and state that all team members are persent and they are ready to compete.  Changes in line up may be made at that time.  All players must sign on to FICS, find and contact their opponent and be ready to play at least 5 minutes prior to the start time of the match.  If a team is unable to attend a match, they must notify their opponent and the league director ASAP.  If a team cancels less than 24 hours prior to the match, the League Director has the right to declare the games forfeited and award points to the opposing team.  If a team has computer problems, they should call the League Director to report the problem. 
  • Time Controls: All games will be played as G/60 with 5 second increasement (different time controls may be used if both teams agree).
  • Color: Teams listed first on the pairing sheet will play as white with boards 1, 3 & 5 playing with white pieces and boards 2 & 4 playing black and vice versa for the opposing team. White players initiate the game by sending a match offer to black.
  • Team Captains:  There will be no discussion of games during the match.  All advisors & team captains must sign a letter of understanding before participating in their first match.  Neither advisor, captain or any other player or spectator may advise another player as to the position of their board, time on their clock or any other aspect of the game.  Advice may be interpreted to include gestures, facial expressions, noises, etc.  Players must communicate with their captain as a channel "tell" on FICS so that all players may see the request or offered advice. The captain may, based on the team score, advise teammates to ask for a draw, decline a draw or to resign the game.  But players do not have to comply with this advice.
  • Advisors:  A team shall not be eligible to compete if the advisor or other responsible adult overseeing the team is not present and signed onto FICS.
  • League standings / ties:  In the event of a tie to determine final placing in the league standings, the following procedure shall be used in the following order: Match Score, Total Team Score, Blitz playoff, Coin toss.
Awards will be distributed at the OHSCTA Championship.  If a team is unable to attend, their awards shall be sent to them.
The constitution can be amended at any annual meeting of advisors, or special meeting called by the League Director or by mail or email ballot, providing all members have the opportunity to vote and the vote is a 2/3 majority of those attending or responding.

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