Oregon High School Chess Team Association

2005 Championship


Lincoln High School 2005

2005 OHSCTA <br> Championship Results

2005 OHSCTA State Championship Results



A Division Team Champions


1.                 Clatskanie

2.                 Wilson

3.                 Westview

4.                 Cottage Grove

5.                 Century

6.                 Sherwood


B Division Team Champions


1.                 Sunset

2.                 Wilson

3.                 Pleasant Hill

4.                 Junction City

5.                 Portland Christian

6.                 Delphian


Middle School Champions


1.                 Sunset

2.                 Portland Christian

3.                 Sherwood


Board 1 Champion: Brian Esler (Lincoln)

All State Awards: Blake  Salisbury (Clatskanie), Corbin Yu (Lake Oswego), Ethan Peake (Westview), Chris Griffin (Sherwood), Andy Koch (Portland Christian)


Board 2 Champion: Michael Taylor (Clatskanie)

All State Awards: Isaiah Dunn (Cottage Grove), Garrett Good (Wilson), Rory Fifield (Sherwood), Greg Watkins (Lake Oswego)


Board 3 Champion: Andy Pham (Benson)

All State Awards: Ted Sanders (Wilson), Peter Reid (Sherwood), Adam Leong (Pleasant Hill)


Board 4 Champion: Thomas Kyle-Milward (Clatskanie)

All State Awards: Nick Glessman (Cottage Grove), Mark Ethan (Wilson)


Board 5 Champion:  Alan Deeth (Westview)

All State Awards: Sean Field-Eaton (Tigard), Paul Stanton (Wilson)


Individual Tournaments


1.                 Marcus Ling (McMinnville)

2.                 Brandon Ullom (McMinnville)

3.                 Jakob Gowell (McMinnville)


Lake Oswego (L) vs. Clatskanie (R)

A message from...
Mike Wolfe
OHSCTA Executive Secretary
Thanks to everyone for one of the most exciting and successful state tournaments in recent memory.  The competition was fierce, the hospitality was wonderful, and how nice to meet and greet new and old friends.

Congratulations especially to Kate Taylor and our new state champions from Clatskanie.  It goes to show you that you don't have to be from a big city to put together a program that can compete with, and defeat, the rest of the challengers.

Congratulations too to Stephen Runion, our tournament host, for his outstanding effort to make us all comfortable and to do with efficiency all he was called upon to do.  I only hope I can do a fraction as well as he did as we host everyone next year at Cottage Grove.  (Pencil it in--February 24 and 25, 2006!)

Thanks to Alan Svehaug for two years as our Executive Secretary.  Alan is a person who thinks outside the box, and his contribution this year of trophies to middle school teams was brilliant.  I watched him make tough decisions a couple of times at the tournament this weekend and I was impressed with his wisdom, compassion, and sense of fairness for everyone.

Kudos as well to Neil Dale, our tournament director, and to Steve Hawke, who ably assisted him and who has already provided me with several words of wisdom.
Thanks too to everyone else who assisted.  I dare not claim to have an exhaustive list because I will forget someone, so, you know who you are, and you are wonderful!

Now I begin a term as the OHSCTA Executive Secretary.  The goal I have selected as the focus of my term will be to promote the building of new programs and new leagues.  We have already heard of the possibility of a league including McMinnville and the Delphian School, along with Amity, and possibly Newberg and Yamhill-Carlton, and maybe more.  We also hear there may be something forming in Central Oregon, and Kate Taylor and others are exploring the possibility of a "cyber-league" for those who are more remote.

If you have contacts in Oregon high schools where chess teams do not exist, I call upon you to use whatever influence you have to get things started.  I plan to "heat up" the contacts with other schools, and to keep the pressure on, because once these schools get started, they will have as much fun as we do!  Just imagine the current field, but add in teams from the Salem area, southern Oregon, the coast, eastern Oregon, and so on. Our tournament is already a great event, but more participation would make it even more exciting.

I also believe we have some unresolved issues involving the participation of teams composed entirely of middle schoolers.  I liked Alan's solution of special trophies just for them, but would like to hear what others thought of that.  Also, at our next tournament, we will need to elect an Executive Secretary-elect and establish a site for our 2007 tournament, so please give those items some consideration.

We have incredible talent in the teachers, coaches, advisors, and volunteers in our organization.  Again, thank you all, and please stay in touch with your thoughts and ideas to help us continuously improve OHSCTA and our state tournament.



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