Oregon High School Chess Team Association

2008 Championship


  • 1A - Siletz Valley Early College Academy - Siletz
  • 2A - Portland Christian - Portland
  • 3A - Coquille High School - Coquille
  • 4A - Pleasant Hill High School - Pleasant Hill
  • 5A - Sherwood High School - Sherwood
  • 6A - Sunset High School - Portland


  • 1A - No Entries (If you're a 1A school - this could have been you!)
  • 2A - Oakland High School - Oakland
  • 3A - Coquille High School - Coquille
  • 4A - Cottage Grove High School - Cottage Grove
  • 5A - Willamette High School - Eugene
  • 6A - Sunset High School - Portland


  •   International School of Beaverton - Beaverton
  • Matthew Chhay - Sherwood
  • The Dalles Wahtonka High School - The Dalles
  • Carson Viles - Willamette High School

ALL STATE AWARDS (Perfect Score or Undefeated)

  • Marcus Robinson - Wilson 
  • Jeremy Legrove - Sunset 
  • Daniel Friesen - Sunset 
  • Chris Griffin - Sherwood 
  • Michael Riches - Sherwood 
  • Zack Gentle - The Dalles Wahtonka
  • Jacob Shadwick - Pleasant Hill
  • David Garcia - Pleasant Hill
  • Caleb Kesey - Pleasant Hill
  • Omar Flores - Cottage Grove
  • Jesse Quinn - Pleasant Hill
  • Steven Koch - Portland Christian
  • Ryan Harding - Portland Christian


  • Dylan Gardner


  • QUAD 1 = International School of Beaverton
  • QUAD 2 = Willamette Team A


  • Joshua Friedlein - Umpqua Valley
  • Caleb Kesey - Pleasant Hill
  • Jessica Ross - Coquille
  • Matthew Chhay - Sherwood

WILL PLAY FOR PIZZA GROUP  (just to make things interesting, teams in combined classification sections played for $40 pizza gift cards for the overall winning teams)

  • Open - International School of Beaverton
  • 3A/5A JV - Willamette 
  • 2A/4A JV - Cottage Grove
  • 2A/3A Varsity - Portland Christian

  • Alan Svehaug - Portland Christian
  • Peggy Ploem - Century
  • Kris Field-Eaton - Sherwood
  • Mark Stephens - Marshfield
  • Dave Swanston - Springfield
  • Darrin Henry - Sheldon
  • Jon Nuxoll - Marist
  • Dan Sharp - Sunset
  • Kate Taylor - Clatskanie
  • Jerry Ramey - Eugene
  • Mark Claiborne, Marshfield


  • Mike Wolfe - Cottage Grove
  • Stephen Runion - Lincoln



2008 shall be remembered as the year of firsts...

  • For the first time in our 45 year history, we officially awarded championship titles in every OSAA classification in Varsity and JV. 
  • For the first time, every team registered online.  No paper registrations this year.   Not one!
  • For the first time,  a 1A team participated in our event.  Siletz Valley Early College Academy from Siletz, Oregon found our organization online, attended the tournament and played very well with 4.5 board wins! 
  • For the first time, we allowed any five Oregon students in grades 6-12 to form a team and participate in the Open division. 
  • For the first time, a homeschool team played in the newly formed Open division.
  • For the first time, we presented Sportsmanship awards to a team and individual. 
  • For the first time, we recognized all coaches for their dedication and support of our organization for 5, 10 and 20 years of service.  A total of 105 years of hard work supporting Oregon High School Chess!
  • For the first time, we presented every 1st place team player with a medal to commemorate their outstanding achievement. 
  • For the first time, we played Motherboard Bughouse, which has never been done in a tournament setting.  It was so popular we'll do it again next year!
  • For the first time, we presented scholarships to the youngest top finishing player in each section (a $450 value) from our sponsor The International Chess School.
  • Which brings me to another first... we had a sponsor of our event! 

39 teams from around the state, arrived in Roseburg to do battle head-to-head (literally).. because as we all know, chess is the sport of the mind.  Think chess is just for geeks?  You must have missed the basketball, football, soccer, track, swimming and softball players in our midst.  Virtually every player competes in other sports as well!  Not only do you need mental stamina and endurance for chess,  you need the physical attributes as well. It's not easy to stay on your game for 8+ long hours.   But that's exactly what our students did. 

It takes dedication and study to win at chess.  Perseverance and a will to win.  We saw all of that and so much more in Roseburg. 

And good sportsmanship too.  The Dalles Wahtonka went home with that honor.  Throughout the tournament both over the board and in one-on-one interactions they were helpful, kind, considerate, enthusiastic, and great competitors who loved to have fun.  These qualities stood them well... they tied for second place in their division.  An awesome accomplishment by an awesome team.  Ernie Blatz has done a great job with his students!

Individual sportsmanship was awarded to Carson Viles of Willamette.  Who, while being interviewed by a Roseburg reporter, realized there was an error in his score.  Carson imediately left the reporter to straighten it out.  Not a big deal really.  Except that the error was in his favor and correcting it meant taking away a much needed point for his team.  When he reported the error to me, he said, "I feel just sick. I know this will affect my team.  But if we win it's got to be right."  In the end, Carson found it wasn't an error at all, just a misunderstanding of how the points were awarded.  This kind of personal integrity and honor are to be admired and valued. 

There were many close matches and games.  Players and coaches are welcome to submit their best for inclusion on the website with analysis and comments by a Master. 

In the end, we had clear first place winners (based on match and board points) and some very close ties for second.  So close that the computer broke into a sweat during the calculations!   The closest second place tie was in the 5A Varsity classification.  Separated by only a 10th of a point.  In one scenario Willamette won.  In another the Dalles.  As smoke started to billow from the hard drive... we decided to give both teams second place awards and medals!  Great job teams! 

In the brand new Open division we had an interesting mix of schools and "Wildcard" teams.  Going in to the final round a middle school, The International School of Beaverton was tied for first with a homeschool team, Umpqua Valley from Roseburg.  Both ended with a match score of 4.5 and board score of 20.5.  On board tie breaks they ended only 4/10 of a point apart with ISB coming out in 1st place and Umpqua Valley in 2nd.  These two teams were so evenly matched that they drew in head-to-head competition! 

On Friday evening, Motherboard bughouse was a noisy, crazy, wild time!  Eight teams gathered together to, well... figure out what the heck it was!   This is a new variation of bughouse with five member teams facing off with other 5 member teams.  The strongest player is in the center on the "mother" board and directs players as they go for the win.  All regular bughouse rules apply.  Pieces can be passed to anyone... and they were!  "I need a knight" was responded with a torrent of knights flying through the air as team mates reacted quickly to the urgent request.  We'll definitely do this again next year!  Although I may require protective head gear.  And you thought chess was safe!

For the second year, we used computer pairings to match up teams.  It all went smoothly, thanks to the Pairings Tournament Director, Amy Coughlin who wears many hats, including the 2008 OHSCTA registrar beanie and her sorting hat as the NWSRS Coordinator for Oregon. 

The Roseburg High School facility was easy to find, beautifully maintained, perfect for playing chess with lots of room for teams to hang out between rounds.  Randy Smolensky's school was an awesome place to hold a championship event.  Many thanks to Roseburg High, Randy's students and his hard working helpers.  In particular Ed Coughlin  who helped with logistics both pre, during and post tournament.  Amy Coughlin who coordinated a smooth registration process and sorted (paired) everyone with ease - or at least made it look that way!  The coaches and parents who assisted with judging were also appreciated.  As were the pre-awards organizational skills of Nancy Mitchell and Jonna Schuder.  Randy and, Executive Director elect, James Horton helped present awards.  And speaking of awards, a special thanks goes out to Mike Wolfe, Alan Svehaug and Amy Coughlin who helped me put together a package of awards that was bigger (size wise and number wise) than ever before... and amazingly less expensive! 

All in all I'd say this was one of our best championships yet! 

Stay tuned for next year’s event... the location is being decided as we speak.  I look forward to seeing all of you (and more) in 2009!

Report from:

Kate Taylor - Executive Director
Oregon High School Chess Team Association

"Winning is the science of being totally prepared." – George Allen